Perk Up Blue Monday

15th Jan 2018

Perk up blue monday video

With the celebrations of New Year and days off over the festive season a distant memory, it’s no wonder January is dubbed the gloomiest month in the UK calendar.

What’s more, the third Monday in January – otherwise known as Blue Monday – is said to be the most miserable day of the whole year thanks to the combination of cold weather and shortage of sunlight.

This year, Blue Monday fell on 15th January. But rather than let the nation try to beat the blues by themselves, we teamed up with the wonderful folks at London café Black Sheep Coffee to turn some frowns upside down.

Renaming the day Perk Up Blue Monday, we covered the cost of every customer’s coffee between 7-9am. We’ve also committed to match the price of each coffee given away on the day and donate the amount to Mental Health UK, to help raise awareness for those people who suffer from real depression every day.

We are incredibly grateful to MBNA and Black Sheep Coffee for raising awareness of the challenges people living with mental illness can have any day of the year. Their support will help us improve the lives of people living with a mental illness. - Brian Dow, Managing Director of Mental Health UK.

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