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Valentine hearts

Date: 11th Feb 2015

Love is in the air…

but it doesn’t have to be unaffordable. If you’re not careful, celebrating a time of year that’s supposed to be about love and romance could actually end up causing you financial heartache.

To help you pull on their heartstrings rather than your purse strings, we’ve developed some ideas that may help you make the most of the season of love!

In love...who, me?

Valentine’s Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate love in its many forms, so that got us thinking about your relationship status, and how you could mark the occasion.

I’m single

If you were sitting there thinking ‘This article isn’t for me’, well think again. There’s nothing wrong with flying solo on Valentine’s Day, it can be whatever you make it.’s important to love yourself sometimes, so why not treat yourself to a few little luxuries, organise a spa day, or begin planning ideas for your next holiday (and who could be joining you).

Do...organise to meet up with the people you love. Some of your friends and family will be free to watch a movie, have dinner or just relax with you. could do the selfless thing and volunteer to help someone else. How about babysitting for loved up friends who could do with a night off? Ensure you’re able to raid their fridge while they’re out and everybody wins!

We’re shiny and new

What do you do on Valentine’s Day when you’re starting in a relationship and it’s all too new to be officially ‘in love’? could acknowledge the day with a card and flowers, but if you’re intent on playing it cool, arrange a date and give something money can’t buy – your time.

Do...each choose an activity you enjoy and do it together. No substitutions or excuses. It could be anything from a manicure, to mountain climbing. What better way to get to know each other?

Priceless...a series of clues is a great way to show your romantic side and build suspense for a date you’ve arranged. You don’t have to be standing under a clock tower wearing a red carnation, but you get the idea.

We’re old hands

You don’t argue who’s going to hang up the phone first anymore, but that doesn’t mean that love’s flame isn’t burning bright. You’re comfortable together, and that’s a lovely thing to celebrate in itself.

Give...fill a scrapbook with photos and cards, or mark a map with all the places you’ve been together. You could even make a playlist of songs and movies that mean something special to you both. could set aside the day to day and make the time for a date night. Meet up for a romantic meal, or head to a place that’s special to you both. It’s good to revisit good times and create new ones.

Priceless...recreate a primitive age where TV doesn’t exist and soap is for washing. Spend time talking, or just enjoy a silence that’s too comfortable to be awkward.

Kids – need we say more?

If your family has grown along with your relationship, then chances are you’ll be sharing Valentine’s Day with your kids too. You’ll get your night back once they’re tucked up in bed, but until then... your little ones how much they’re loved by writing them a card or giving them a gift too.

Do...there’s a craft project waiting, whether that’s homemade cards or heart-shaped cookies. Teaching your kids about Valentine’s Day could be messy, but your fridge art gallery will be second to none.

Priceless...hide paper hearts all over the house for your children to discover. Once they’ve all been found, give the kids a Valentine’s Day treat.

Still looking for inspiration?

Here are a few of our favourite low-cost ideas that could make this Valentine’s Day an even more special one.

1. Bake together and eat the results.

2. Housework – take on all the chores for a day.

3. Starry eyed – buy a star for your loved one (yes, an actual star).

4. IOU – make vouchers your partner can redeem at will.

5. Made with love – recreate your partner’s favourite dish at home.

6. Breakfast in bed – an oldie, but a goodie (despite the crumbs).

7. Picnic – it’s cold out there, so wrap up.

8. Romantic walk – get outside and hold hands.

9. Make and do – take on the card manufacturers and make your own card.

10. And relax – retreat to the comfort of the bath.

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day, however you decide to spend it.