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Date: 2nd Aug 2017

Have Liverpool Players Picked Up Scouse Phrases?

Who’ll be crowned MBNA’s Scouse phrase champion?

You might remember back in 2015 when Klopp met Kop Kid reporter Isaac at Melwood for a quick lesson on how to speak Scouse, and proved what a boss he was at the Liverpool lingo.

As it’s Liverpool FC’s 125th anniversary this year, we thought we’d do it again – only this time with some players who might not be all that familiar with the local phrases.

The club lent us 3 first team players so we could put them to the test. Watch and listen as they go one-on-one, and see who’s crowned MBNA’s Scouse phrase champion.

Will Matip tackle the challenge as well he does opposition forwards? Will Mané be as quick with his answers as he is around the box? And will Coutinho's language skills be as dazzling as his footwork?

Who do you think will come out on top? Have a look at this video and find out for yourself.

The video begins with a clip of Sadio Mané reading one of our quiz cards... he queries, ‘this is English as well?’

To celebrate 125 years of Liverpool FC, we wanted to find out how well 3 first team players had picked up the local phrases...

Three little portraits appear, showing clips of players Sadio Mané, Joël Matip and Philippe Coutinho. They’re holding quiz cards and laughing.

...and whether they could do better than the boss.

Clip of Jürgen Klopp being interviewed by Kop Kid reporter Isaac - he’s trying to get his chops around the Scouse phrase ‘Mi heads Chocka’. Isaac then shows him how it’s done.
Phrase 1:
‘Boss tha’
Adjective. Very good, awesome; cool. Antiquated term.

Coutinho has a go first... Mané just laughs, seemingly unsure where to begin... Matip tries, but immediately laughs and says, ‘I’m not sure’.

Coutinho gets the meaning though. ‘Something with the boss, no? Something good.’

Score board shows one tick to Coutinho (he seems chuffed with the positive reaction)... the other two get a big fat cross.
Phrase 2:
‘Get some new clobba’
Noun. Garments. Items of clothing.

Matip starts first with this one, saying ‘I need some new clobber’. Looking bemused he exclaims, ‘what does clobber mean?’

Coutinho, on the other hand, doesn’t even try. It’s a fail for him.

‘Oh, clothes. I don’t know’... after some thought, Matip gets it right. Tick!

Although looking a little unsure, Mané also gets a tick with ‘I need some new clothes’. On hearing he got it right, a celebratory fist pump and smile quickly follow.
Phrase 3:
‘Gegging in’
Verb. The act of intruding, joining in, becoming part of something which doesn’t concern you.

Again Matip goes first, although he doesn’t know what it means... that’s a cross for him. He says, ‘I’ve never heard it before’.

Mané doesn’t do much better, although even he seems pretty amused that he has absolutely no idea.

Coutinho is on the money though when he says, ‘it’s when you are not invited’. He says it with a smile... he knows he’s right.
So, the final scores are in. Coutinho, 2. Mané, 1. Matip 1.

With a little shrug, as if there was never any doubt, Coutinho is crowned the MBNA Scouse phrase champion.
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