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Date: 17th Jun 2016

Get on board the MBNA Floating Fan Zone for a feast of football fun

Between June 16 and July 10, 2016, Thames travellers are in for a treat, especially if they love football.

Anyone who hops on board the Floating Fan Zone – a specially converted MBNA Thames Clipper to help celebrate MBNA’s latest Good Skills/Bad Skills campaign - will receive a unique footballing experience. The boat will be wrapped in an artificial football pitch, which will continue inside, and - to mark the 50th anniversary of England’s famous World Cup triumph - one of the most iconic images from this epic event will be splashed on the back of the boat.

Its seats will be covered in MBNA football shirts, and there’ll be loads of other football-related stuff happening as well, including prizes for wearing a football shirt on Fridays, matches showing on the on-board TVs (subject to normal terrestrial coverage) so you won’t miss a single kick, and maybe even the chance to get up close and personal with some top trophies. One or two surprises could be in store for a number of lucky passengers too.

The Clipper will stay in normal service the whole time, so you can make your journey as you normally do. And if you happen to be in town and need to get somewhere, why not get on board the MBNA Floating Fan Zone and join us for a feast of football fun?

We’d love to see your photos and videos on the boat, so get posting. Remember to use the hashtag #FloatingFanZone when you do.  In the meantime, here’s a few pictures from our launch day.

Presenter introducing Floating Fan Zone

Clippers' staff on a Thames Clipper

MBNA Thames Clipper passengers watching football

MBNA Geeks

Groups of busy workmen rebranding one of the MBNA Thames Clippers boats, turning it into the world’s first ‘Floating Fan Zone’…

Patricia Brassil Poole, Head of Partner Management and Sponsorship at MBNA:
Now MBNA has been in partnership with the Thames Clippers fleet since August 2014, but this particular clipper has been transformed into a Floating Fan Zone.

It is expected that the Floating Fan Zone will carry over fifty thousand passengers in the next month, as it embarks on its usual routes, up and down the Thames.

Passengers, quite literally, will not miss a minute of football content.

Paul Sinclair, Head of Brand at MBNA:
Today is really about bringing the MBNA brand to life on the world’s first Floating Fan Zone. We’re not so good at football, but we’re certainly good when it comes to credit card stuff.

James Poole, Strategy and Innovation Executive at MBNA:
This is another first… we’re bringing football to the river Thames.

Innovation is crucial to us at MBNA – it’s in our DNA. That’s why we’re really excited to launch contactless payment across the MBNA Thames Clipper fleet.

Sean Collins, CEO at MBNA Thames Clippers:
It’s just fantastic to be working with one of the leading credit card providers and delivering a world class ticketing system now, on the Thames, to equal that of the Transport for London network.

Groups of exciting passengers enjoying the atmosphere on board… oh, and the footy of course.