The MBNA Boringly Good Rally

17th May 2016

Boringly good rally video


Welcome to the inaugural MBNA Boringly Good Rally!

Just 3.5% of money used in the UK is made up of notes and coins, with the rest existing electronically. When cards are convenient and payment-enabled devices are popular, it’s not hard to see why we don’t carry around much cash.
So could we do without cash altogether? The payment experts at MBNA decided to put it to the test.

For the first time in the history of MBNA, our experts have packed up their spreadsheets and donned their sea-legs. We hightailed it to the Isle of Wight with two teams of challengers in tow, to discover how cash and credit cards fare in a timed experiment. 

With just 300 minutes to navigate the island, the teams go head-to-head solving clues to find a number of island-items and purchase them for the best price. Each team has £500 split between cash and credit cards, and the winner is the one who makes it back in the best time, with the most money left to spare.

Before you watch the rally, use our team fact file and map of the island to meet our 6 willing volunteers and see where they head throughout the day.  Find out what they learned about time and money management and which team is victorious. Will cash or credit cards win the day? Once you’re ready, just hit play. To kick things off we’re on Appley Beach, so get ready for the Ryde…


Isle of Wight Rally
Isle of Wight Rally
Isle of Wight Rally

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