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Date: 25th Aug 2016

MBNA tests Aston Villa teammates in… Mr & Mrs

Numbers aside, at MBNA we love a bit of fact-finding... well, that and retro game shows... so when we visited our partners at Aston Villa’s training ground recently, we found a somewhat different way to get the measure of eight star players.

In a light hearted game of Mr & Mrs, ‘coupled-up’ players faced a series of questions to find out what they know about each other... and what they’d own up to knowing about their teammates.

Mr Rudy Gestede & Mrs Jores Okore
Mr Adama Traore & Mrs Jordan Veretout
Mr Libor Kozak & Mrs Jordan Ayew
Mr Jordan Lyden & Mrs Aly Cissokho

Given the option to answer either ‘me’ or ‘him’, these footballing couples had to reveal, simultaneously, who our statements best describe.

Two Aston Villa players

Watch our video to find out who our couples think is the biggest poser, who’s always late for training, and who the manager’s biggest pet is. The Aston Villa players also admit which item they’d grab if their house was on fire, and come clean about who, between them, is more Homer Simpson than Popeye in our random quick-fire round.

With the footballers playing dress up with fluffy headphones and sunglasses, there’s more than a little larking about. And there are a few surprises in store when we attempt to find out who the best singer is – including a little improvisation from the players!

So, in this two-minute video, watch our four Aston Villa ‘couples’ as they’re put to the test... and find out who knows who best.

Jores Okore: So what am I doing?
Aly Cissokho: [holding fluffy headphones] I put it?
Interviewer: Yep
Interviewer: [to Jordan Ayew] You can turn around.
Jores Okore: [Unintelligible singing while dancing]

Intro screen – MBNA presents Mr & Mrs
[Inaudible speech and laughter]

Written question on screen – Who’s the best looking?
Jordan Veretout: Qui est le plus beau? (translation: Who’s the best looking?)
Jores Okore: Can I take this off?
Interviewer: Yeah you can take it off, man.

Written question on screen - Which item would he save first in a fire?
Rudy Gestede: Mobile phone
Libor Kozák: Mobile phone
Adama Traoré: Mobile phone
Jordan Lyden: Ah his mobile, 100 per cent.
Jores Okore: My phone [laughs]
Jordan Veretout: Phone
Aly Cissokho: My, my mobile phone
Jordan Lyden: [giggles]

Written question on screen – Which cartoon character is he most like?
Rudy Gestede: The beast
Adama Traoré: Homer Simpson
Libor Kozák: I don’t know, Road Runner
Jordan Lyden: Ahhh Homer Simpson
Jores Okore: The beast
[off screen] Yeeeahh!
Jordan Veretout: Popeye
Interviewer: [Listening to protests from other players] Ahhhhh, Homer Simpson!
[multiple voices off screen] Homer Simpson!
[multiple people laughing]

Written question on screen - Who is most likely to miss an open goal?
Aly Cissokho: I don’t understand
[laughing from all players and off screen]

Written question on screen - Who is the biggest manager’s pet?
[laughing from all players and off screen]
Aly Cissokho: Oh
Jordan Lyden: [laughs]
[Laughing off screen]
Jores Okore: Ohhhhh [laughs]

Written question on screen – Who has the best fashion sense?
Jores Okore: Pffffff!
[multiple voices off screen] Oooooooh!

Written question on screen – Who is the biggest poser?
[off screen] Poser?
Interviewer: Poser, you know, someone that likes to take selfies.
Jores Okore: Awwwwww
Off screen: [to Adama Traoré] Tourne, frere (translation: turn it around, brother)
Jordan Veretout: [to Adama Traoré] Tourne, frere (translation: turn it around, brother)
Adama Traoré: Please, naaah, it’s not me, it’s not me, nah.
Jordan Veretout: Il se prend torse nu ! (translation: He takes shirtless selfies!)
Jordan Ayew: (serious, shaking head) No, not me.
Libor Kozák: [smiling, shaking head] Not me, so it’s like this (holds paddle sideways)
Jores Okore: [laughing] Look at the hair man, it’s already ready!
Rudy Gestede: Nah, nah, nah [smiling, shaking head]

Written question on screen – Who is always late to the training ground?
[dinging bell sound]
[snorting and laughter]

Written question on screen – Who is the best singer?
Jordan Lyden: Haha, certainly.
Jores Okore: ooooooooh!
Adama Traoré: [Dancing and softly singing ‘La Bamba’]
Aly Cissokho: [Singing into paddle and reaching out to the camera] Stay with me! [dancing] Cos you’re all I need! It’s good huh?

Aly Cissokho: Je l’savais! Je l’savais! (translation: I knew it! I knew it!)