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Date: 25th May 2017

Arsenal stars become MBNA homework heroes for the day

Gunners fan Joe needed some last-minute help with his homework, so we figured who better than his heroes to lend a hand?

Olivier Giroud, Alex Iwobi and Granit Xhaka

The talented trio of Olivier Giroud, Alex Iwobi and Granit Xhaka duly grabbed the gauntlet, donning ties and glasses in a bid to boost their brain power and really get into the spirit of heading back to school – even if they couldn’t all quite remember how to knot the ties.

The lads quickly got stuck in, but what started out as a bit of fun soon got serious as they grappled with geography, languages and maths questions.

Competing to see who would emerge as Joe’s true homework hero, things got more nerve-racking than a cup penalty shoot-out as the three Gunners went toe to toe.

They weren’t just playing for bragging rights in the dressing room either.  At the end, Joe presented the winner with a mini trophy and even gave them his bag of sweets!

So who would emerge triumphant by being most on the ball?

Would Olivier be able to translate his sharpshooting skills into a torrent of correct answers? Could Joe’s favourite Alex be as silky with his thinking as he is with his feet? Or would midfield maestro Granit be the one to take the spoils by mastering multiplication?

Check out the video to reveal all.

MBNA Arsenal transcript – full version
00.00 He’s good, it’s like a TV presentator. Yeah, yeah.
00.13 I was going to ask you questions about football but I’ve just realised I need to finish off my homework (laughs), can you help me?
00.20 Of course.
00.21 First you need to put on these to make you feel extra brainy
00.26 Nice, thank you.
00.27 Is it clip on?
00.34 Olivier, what’s the capital of France?
00.37 Oh come on, my friend. It’s Paris obviously.
00.40 Which country’s famous for making chocolate, watches and cheese?
00.45 Of course, Switzerland.
00.49 (laughs)
00.50 I just heard cheese and chocolate!
00.53 Alex, what colours are in the Nigerian flag?
00.57 Green and white. I think.
01:00 I knew you’d know that because you’re my favourite player.
01:05 Hear that?
01:06 Do any of you know what the longest river in the world is called?
01:15 Longest?
01:16 I don’t know if it’s the Nil
01:20 River Nile?
01:21 I mean, in French we say Nil
01:25 Oh, River Nile
01:27 Sorry, sorry
01:27 No, it’s good, it’s good
01:28 I said it first, I think, no? So, who is the best?
01:33 Alex (laughs)
01:35 I’m his favourite
01:38 But I said it first
01:40 Do I look more clever if I do that? Yeah, maybe
01:45 How do you say “you must be joking ref!” in French?
01:54 I need to know the German for “I like playing football more than doing my homework”
02:06 Alex, can you say I’m going to play for Arsenal forever?
02:09 In English, or…I’m gonna play for Arsenal forever
02:14 Thanks, I just recorded that so you can never leave (laughs)
02:19 If Arsenal score 50 goals in 20 games, how many goals have they scored on average per game?
02:27 (clock ticking) (Laughs)
02:34 It’s not 2.5 is it?
02:36 Yeah, yeah
02:37 If Switzerland, where Granit’s from, makes 30 million chocolate bars a year…
02:44 Thirty – you mean three zero? Ok
02:47 …And it goes up by a third, how many chocolate bars would it make?
02:54 No
02:54 40 million
02:55 No, nine
02:55 It’s 40 million
02:57 Ah, the professor is here to stay!
03:00 Ah, ah yeah, I thought we duplicate by three. We need to understand the question otherwise we can’t play (laughs)
03:07 If Switzerland makes 30 million chocolate bars a year and it goes up by a third, how many chocolate bars would it make?
03:16 40 million (laughs)
03:20 (Referee whistle)
03:25 If there are four people in my family and three-quarters of them support Arsenal how many people in my family are Arsenal fans?
03:32 Just you
03:33 One
03:37 What?
03:38 So we’ve done three less two because it was three-quarters, but – you understand three at the beginning?
03:46 Yeah
03:47 If there are four people in in my family and three-quarters of them support Arsenal, how many people in my family are Arsenal fans?
04:00 Thanks for helping me with my homework
04:02 You’re welcome, my friend
04:04 No worries
04:04 Great pleasure (laughs)
04:06 I think Alex helped me the best, so you get this
04:10 No?
04:11 Woah
04:12 Leave my trophy alone!
04:13 Why?!
04:13 Wow, I’m going to treasure this
04:16 (whistles)
04:17 And this bag of sweets that my mum put in my lunchbox
04:21 Oh, wow
04:22 My mum lets me play football after I’ve finished my homework. Fancy a kickabout?
04:27 Yeah sure
04:28 Yes, of course
04:40 Shhh!