iPhone with MBNA card in Apple Pay wallet

Simple and convenient

Set up your card in the Wallet app on a compatible iPhone and use it anywhere Apple Pay is accepted.

How to add your card

Adding your card to Apple Pay is simple. Here’s how to get started.

iPhone - open the Wallet app and tap the ‘+’ sign.

Apple Watch - open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’, then tap ‘Add Credit or Debit Card’.

iPad - go into settings, open ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ then select ‘Add Credit or Debit Card’.

MacBook Pro with Touch ID - go to System Preferences, select ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ followed by ‘Add Card’.

Setting up Apple Pay

How to use Apple Pay

Using the in-built features of a compatible Apple device, make payments safer and faster.


Face ID -  double-click the side button, glance at your screen, and hold your iPhone near the reader.

Touch ID - hold your iPhone near the reader with your finger on Touch ID.

Apple Watch - double-click the side button and hold your Apple Watch to the contactless reader.


iPhone and iPad within apps - select Apple Pay at checkout and complete the payment using Face ID or Touch ID.


Mac - to pay in Safari, select Apple Pay and complete the payment using your iPhone or Apple Watch.


MacBook Pro - pay using Touch ID on the Touch Bar.


We might occasionally limit the value or number of payments you can make using Apple Pay and ask you to use your card instead. This is just to make sure it’s you making the transaction.





iPhone with MBNA card in Apple Pay wallet
Apple Pay logo

Which devices?

Compatible Apple devices

Apple iPhone with MBNA card in Apple Wallet

Managing your cards

You can add up to eight cards to any device, change the primary card, update your card information, and remove cards, all within the Wallet app.

More about Apple Pay

 Image of high street shops

Where’s Apple Pay accepted?

Everywhere you can use a contactless card, you can use Apple Pay too. You can also make purchases within participating apps on your iPhone and iPad.

Stores and apps accepting Apple Pay

Contactless and mobile payments

Woman waiting for the train on the London underground

Travelling in London?

Transport for London buses, DLR, Underground, National Rail and Thames Clippers also accept Apple Pay across their networks.

Contactless and mobile payments

Keeping track

Apple Pay transactions will appear online and on your monthly statements as normal. Within the Wallet app you’ll also be able to view the most recent transactions made using each card you’ve added to your mobile device. If you used Apple Pay to make a purchase and you’d like to return an item, use the same payment method to receive a refund in store.

Apple iPhone and Apple watch

Need help?

If you’ve got questions or concerns about a transaction you’ve made with MBNA using Apple Pay, please contact us. Otherwise, for technical help visit the Apple Pay support page.

Apple Pay terms of use

Is Apple Pay secure?

When you make a purchase, Apple Pay uses a device-specific number and a unique
transaction code. Your full card number is never stored on your device or on Apple
servers, and it can’t be shared with merchants. Apple Pay doesn’t keep transaction
information that can be tied back to you, meaning all purchases are private.1

Protect your device

However your mobile device is protected, whether that’s Touch ID or Face ID, passcode, or Wrist Detection on Apple Watch, make sure you’re the only person who can access and use it. Just like a credit card PIN, never write down or tell anyone your passcode.

If your device is lost or stolen

Using ‘Find My iPhone’, you can quickly put your device in ‘Lost Mode’ to suspend Apple Pay, or wipe your device completely. You can also update your iCloud settings to suspend Apple Pay.

Apple iPhone with Apple Pay on screen

Reassuringly private

Because you don’t have to present a physical card when you pay, your name, card number and security code are never visible to the cashier.

The card image shown in your Wallet may not be the same as your physical card, so if you’ve added multiple cards, make sure you know which is which.

Each card in your Wallet will display the last four digits of both your Device Account Number and your actual card number so you can tell them apart.

Things to consider

  • If you make card purchases, you will pay interest on these transactions, unless you pay your statement balance in full, every month or if you have a retail promotional interest rate of 0% on your account.
  • If you’ve got a cashback credit card with MBNA, you’ll earn cashback at your usual rate on Apple Pay transactions.
  • Standard network charges may apply. Transactions are subject to your existing MBNA credit card terms and conditions.
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1 Mastercard and Visa will process transactions similar to how they process your physical card transactions today except most merchants won’t have access to your actual card number; they will receive the unique virtual card number associated with your credit or debit card. Mastercard must provide your actual card number to certain transit merchants (e.g. underground rail systems) in order to process real-time decisions.

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