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Trusteer Rapport - free protection against online fraud

Your personal information in the hands of a fraudster... not a pleasant thought is it? But protecting yourself against this risk whilst shopping or managing your finances online is easier than you might think.

We've teamed up with online security experts, Trusteer, to bring you their Rapport security software. It works alongside your current anti-virus tools to give you comprehensive online protection - and better still it's free.

How does it work?

Using unique technology, Rapport creates a 'tunnel' for safe communication by:

  • Verifying the integrity of your browser and the authenticity of any websites you visit
  • Locking down your connection so criminals can't 'listen in' and steal sensitive information
  • Stopping malicious software from capturing information e.g. log in details
  • Providing alerts about website security and unauthorised access attempts

All of this makes it extremely difficult for criminals to exploit you or your online information.

Why protect yourself?

Most of us enter sensitive information online at some point every day - a username and password could be all a criminal needs to find out a lot more about you than just your name. With ever more devious ways of accessing your information, security software like Rapport really can help in the fight against online fraud.

Other key features

  • Rapport complements your existing security software
  • It's quick - you're protected as soon as you install the software
  • Use the internet as normal - an address bar icon shows that Trusteer Rapport is working
  • Download once - any updates are installed automatically
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Important: if you use a screen reader we do not recommend using Rapport, as its anti-screen capturing mechanism may interfere with your existing software.

Additional security in minutes
You can enjoy all Trusteer Rapport has to offer in just a few minutes, it requires no registration and it's free.

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