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Online Card Services


Mobile Text Services

Mobile Text Services makes it easy to access information and manage your credit card account when you're out and about - all by text message. Better still, the service is free* to all credit card holders.

Using the Service

Requesting information

Providing we have your mobile number on record, simply text* one of the following terms to 83838:

BAL - to get details of your balance, available credit and credit limit
TRANS - to get a list of your most recent transactions
BILL - to find out how much your next payment is and when it's due
REWARDS - to find out your Rewards Points balance (where applicable)

Important - all details provided by text message will be based on available account information from the previous day and may not include transactions which have been authorised, but not yet applied to your account.

To request information by text message while you're abroad, use our international number: +447860010010.

Making a payment

Have you made a debit card payment to us before and is that card still active? If so, we have your details securely stored and you can make a payment by text message. Here's how:

Text BILL to 83838 to get information about your next payment - if a payment is due simply follow the instructions included in our response to make a payment by text message.

We'll send you a text message asking you to confirm the 3 digit security code from the back of your debit card. Respond correctly and we'll process your payment using the debit card details you last used.

We'll also send you a text message to confirm whether your payment was successful.


Multiple credit card accounts

If you have more than one MBNA or partner credit card account, please include the last four digits of your card number when you text for information or to make a payment. Without this, we won't know which details to send.

For example: BAL 1234


Please remember, you're responsible for keeping the information we send to you secure and confidential. We recommend that you secure your mobile device with a PIN number to protect your information.

Read more about mobile security.

Contact us

To use Mobile Text Services you'll need to make sure we have your most recent contact details - to update your contact details, log in or register for Online Card Services then select ‘Manage Account'.

For your convenience, we suggest you save our Mobile Text Services number as a contact in your mobile phone: 83838 (or +447860010010 from overseas).

*Standard network charges may apply.

Travelling Abroad

As your account is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week for unusual activity, please tell us when you're travelling abroad so we know to expect international card use - otherwise your credit card could be blocked for fraud prevention purposes.

Providing we have your mobile number on record, just send a text message* to 83838 (or +447860010010 from overseas) and tell us your destination and departure date in the following format: COUNTRY DD/MM/YY.

If you're travelling to multiple countries, just include the name of the first country you're visiting


Travelling for over 16 days? Once we've received your travel details, you'll have the option to supply a return date.

Please note: we only accept travel details up to 12 months in advance.

Before you travel

  • Check your credit card to make sure it doesn't expire while you're abroad.
  • Consider setting up a Direct Debit or standing order to cover any payments due while you're away.

Using your credit card abroad

  • Remember that fees apply when using your credit card overseas - learn more.
  • Transactions made in some countries will not be accepted - read our FAQs for more information on restricted countries.

To update your contact details, log in or register for Online Card Services, then select ‘Manage Account’ from the ‘Your Account’ tab.

*Standard network charges may apply.


The text messages we send back to you may include some of these phrases:

Available credit - this is the remaining portion of your credit limit you can use after deducting your existing balance and recent transactions that have been authorised, but not yet applied to your account.

Balance - this is your credit card account balance. It may not include recent transactions that have been authorised, but not yet applied to your account.

Credit limit - this is the maximum amount of credit available on your credit card account.

Full payment - this is the amount you would have to pay to clear the existing balance shown on your latest statement. Other sums, such as more recent transactions and interest charges, will still be owed.

Minimum payment - this is the amount you need to pay towards the current balance shown on your latest statement.

Payment due date - this is the date on which your next payment is due, as shown on your latest statement.

Rewards points balance - this is the existing balance of Rewards Points earned. Points only apply to credit cards which offer a rewards programme.

*Standard network charges may apply.

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