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Online Card Services


Card Benefits

Make the MBNA credit card your card of choice, it’s the only credit card you’ll need for managing your everyday spending. Here’s your guide to some of the great features you’ll receive from your MBNA credit card:

Key card benefits
Benefits that come as standard with your credit card account*:

Balance transfers

Balance transfers image

Are you being charged higher interest rates on your credit cards, store cards or loans? If so, why not transfer more expensive balances on to your MBNA credit card and you could save money1 (handling fee applies). To complete a balance transfer log in to Online Card Services.

Money transfers

Money transfers image

MBNA are one of the few UK credit companies to offer money transfers from your credit card direct to your current account (handling fee applies). So whether you need a cash boost, are looking for some holiday spends or to help pay for home improvements, why not access your credit limit and transfer some cash into your current account today? To complete a money transfer simply log in to Online Card Services.

Travel convenience

Travel convenience image

You can use an MBNA credit card in most countries around the world - both for shopping and withdrawing cash.

Just use your credit card and PIN as you would at home. Remember that fees apply when using your credit card overseas - learn more.

It's important that you tell us before you travel abroad so we know to expect international card use - you can do that and more using Mobile Text Services.

Additional card holders

Additional card holders image

You can share the benefits of your MBNA credit card by adding up to three additional cardholders to your account. It’s a great way to give members of your family access to your credit limit yet keep an eye on spending. Remember that credit card transactions and charges made to additional cardholder(s) must reside at the same primary address and have a relationship of a close family member (defined as spouse, child, parent, sibling or domestic partner).

Contactless credit cards

Contactless credit cards image

Contactless payments mean you don’t need to insert your card or enter your PIN, so the transaction is much quicker for purchases of £20 and under. Wherever you see the contactless symbol, just hold your credit card up to the reader and wait for the green light. For more information view our guide to contactless.

Cash withdrawals

Cash withdrawals image

You can withdraw cash with your MBNA credit card from cash machines throughout the world. You can also withdraw money from over the counter at a bank, building society or bureau de change (handling fee applies). If you need a reminder of your PIN to help you access your money log in to Online Card Services or call us on 0800 062 062.

Online Card Services

Online Card Services image

Check your balance, transactions, set up Direct Debits, view your statements and more when you access Online Card Services. You can also securely access your PIN: you will need to provide your card security number (CVC) from the back of your credit card and then answer the on-screen questions when prompted. If an additional cardholder wishes to view their PIN online, they will need to register their card for Online Card Services. Please note: the PIN option may not always be available, for example if you are over your agreed credit limit or you have missed a payment.

Paperless statements

Paperless statements image

All new credit card accounts use paperless statements.  To access your statements you will need to register for Online Card Services. You can view a year’s worth of statements online. You can change back to paper statements at any time - simply click “Manage Account” in Online Card Services.

Regular payments

Regular payments image

Take the hassle out of remembering to pay your subscriptions by setting up a Continuous Authority Transaction. This is an agreement between you and your merchant that allows the merchant to deduct regular payments from your MBNA credit card account in accordance with your authority, for example satellite subscriptions or insurance payments. It’s easy and quick to do and requires no further action unless you wish to cancel your subscription. If you need to cancel this agreement with the merchant it is a good idea to do so in writing – keep a copy for your own records. We can help stop a recurring payment, but always suggest that it is good practice to tell the merchant directly as well.

*Please note: all benefits will be subject to the type of card you apply for and your credit rating in some instances.

Key security benefits
Keeping your financial and personal information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. Here at MBNA we are committed to providing you with the highest levels of security. Our security features include:

Fraud protection

Fraud protection image

MBNA operates a real-time active fraud detection system for your MBNA credit card. The service monitors your account for unusual activity or suspicious spending patterns, 24 hours and day, 7 days a week. If we notice anything out of the ordinary, online or offline, we will contact you to check the purchases are genuine and have been authorised by you. If your MBNA credit card is used without your knowledge or consent, you will not be liable for fraudulent use. So it is important you contact us immediately if you think your card has been lost or stolen, or if you notice any unusual transactions on your account or statement.

Card security

Card security image

3D Secure™ Security protection, consists of MasterCard SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa™ and are the leading security systems for online credit card transactions. As a cardholder, and at no cost, you automatically receive the enhanced security. The authentication authorises nearly all online payments instantly with no need to register or create passwords. Occasionally you may be requested to enter information linked to your account when making an online purchase, but this information will be securely treated.

Complimentary McAfee Antivirus software

Complimentary McAfee Antivirus software image

Keep your PC safe and secure with McAfee’s Online Banking Suite worth £59.98, complimentary to you for 12 months.


*Please note: all benefits will be subject to the type of card you apply for and your credit rating in some instances.

Optional Extras
Benefits that can be opted into or purchased so you can make the most out of your card:

Card purchase promotions

Card purchase promotions image

From time to time we may apply a promotional rate to your MBNA credit card account for retail purchases. To find out more access Online Card Services.

*Please note: all benefits will be subject to the type of card you apply for and your credit rating in some instances.

1Transferring other debts to this card and paying only the minimum amount due each month may lower your overall monthly debt repayments, but it may take you longer and cost you more to repay what you owe. Other lenders may charge a fee for settling a loan early.

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